Welcome to the short stories and light novels/ novellas of Phoenixmaverick Entertainment

This is the blog site for Phoenixmaverick Entertainment. Here is where I post the short stories and novels/ light novels/ novellas that I create as well as future content. I hope you enjoy these stories as I enjoy writing them. So, far, I have about five franchises that I want to write short stories and Novellas/novels/ light novels about.

They are:

the ones in quotation marks are not finalized titles.

So what are these original short stories and novellas/ light novels and novels about?

Moto is an original, action, adventure, magic -ish, romance, super power, political critique fiction series about a group of young people who come together to over throw a corrupt civilization. It’s written in first person and is a novella. It is highly influenced by Japanese light novels and is dialogue based.

Container 457 is an original short story that will be started soon and it is a sci-fi drama fiction short story , novella series that may become one big novel.

Agent King is an original short story series about Yanee Robinson in 2150 Earth. Space travel is more normal but only the very rich and corporations can do it. Space travel is still relegated to the Sol System. Colonies are being started desperately because time is running out; Earth is running out of resources and dying. She can no longer support the life on her. As a result, mining and trade corporations seek out resources in the system and compete for the title of Agent king. This is the story of Yanee Robinson and her group of friends called ‘The Crew’ as they seek to live and prosper.

I post my work on here as regularly as I can so you can read my updates to my works and see how the story changes and shifts. You could also help to change and shift it by directly communicating with me. These light novels, short stories and novellas mean a lot to me but ultimately, I want them to mean a lot to you as the reader.

I can not wait to hear from you so you can talk to me here or connect with me on facebook at phoenixmaverick ent.

by the way, you can call me hiztory.